Wood Products

Wood Products

MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard is a wood fiber board with medium density – a product manufactured by pressing wood fibers used organic binding agents under high pressure and temperature. The board has homogeneous solid structure thereby it is greatly superior to natural wood as for mechanical processing possibilities.

Features of MDF

  • Naturality
  • Ecological safety
  • Easy for mechanical processing
  • Perfect soundproof and heat insulation properties
  • Possibility of coating of diverse decors


MDF boards are applied for manufacture of decorative furniture facades as well as for home decoration: laminated flooring, wall panels, decorative planks, skirting, profiles, worktops, doors and window frames.

Sizes Standard thickness, mm
6 8 10 12 16 18 19 22 25 28
Polished MDF boards
2800 x 2070
2620 x 2070
Laminated MDF boards
2800 x 2070

Express program. Other formats and thicknesses on request.