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Rhenium secondary materials

During recent 5 years along with traditional sources from molybdenum/copper ores, rhenium recycling have became another major source of this metal in Global supply chain. Generally, rhenium recycling, is being done via 3 major routes:

  1. Physical quality sorting mostly applied to solid scraps of known alloys from original sources like melting / casting or finishing facilities. Sorted material is being added (re-used) in limited proportions directly into the melt when same type of alloys are being produced.
  2. Hydrometallurgical / chemical extraction of Rhenium from rhenium-bearing solutions prepared by dissolving of various solid and other types of scrap / residues. In this process Rhenium is typically being recovered into different grades of Ammonium or Potassium Perrhenate for further upgrade into Rhenium metal and chemicals.
  3. Pyrometallurgical conversion of WRe / MoRe alloys followed by hydrometallurgical / chemical extraction.

Recycling development resulted in formation of supply / demand of several secondary rhenium-bearing material's categories: